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About Us

At Amplify24, we know you have an opinion and we want to help you make it count.

Amplify24 is a South African based online community that conducts research in various African markets. Our research spans across a broad range of topics and clients. Amplify24 is free to join and there are no membership fees or subscriptions. We are not trying to sell you anything.

What Amplify24 does is encourage participants to share their thoughts and opinions. We then provide that information to companies that want to improve and get better at serving customers like you. Our surveys are fun, easy to understand and quick.

Amplify24 in partnership with various online partners aims to give our community members a safe and secure platform where they can voice their opinions and make it with something. Members can do this by taking part in frequent online surveys and receiving rewards for each survey they successfully complete.

Quality of data
To secure quality in our panel, we are using GeoIP and Captcha:

  1. GeoIP: MaxMind (

  2. Captcha: reCaptcha (

Amplify24 adheres to ESOMAR's Code of Conduct. 

Contact information for Amplify24

Got more questions? The most common questions are answered on our website in the FAQ-section.

Member Support
Questions about a survey, your account or a Payment?

Contact Cint member support:

You can also check Cint Panelist FAQ for answers to the most common questions:

Contact us if you would like to know more about using Amplify24 for your own research?

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