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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on the Amplify24 panel and do you have any membership restrictions?
We welcome people from all walks of life. We are currently accepting members from Kenya, South Africa and Zambia. The minimum requirement for joining our panel is that all members should be older than 18 and have access to an internet abled device.

Only one membership per person is allowed. Members with more than one profile will be disqualified or banned from the community.

In order to ensure you receive frequent invitations to new surveys we encourage all Amplify24 members to complete their full details. This will ensure that you receive relevant invitations to surveys.

How do I login?

  • To login, go to the home page.

  • Click on login and select your country. 

  • Enter your registered email address in the email address block. 

  • Enter your registered password in the password block. 

  • Click on the log in button.

Please note that your password is case sensitive.

Forgotten your password

  • To retrieve your forgotten password please go to the login page of the country that you are registered in.

  • Scroll down until you see “Forgot Password” and click on the link.

  • Enter your registered email address and click “Reset password”.

  • Your new password will be emailed to you.

  • How do I earn rewards and how do I redeem them?

How do I earn rewards and how do I redeem them?

For each survey you successful complete you will receive an amount in US Dollars which will be allocated to your Amplify24 profile on the website. Once you have reached US $10, you will be able to claim a GCodes voucher, PayPal payment or request a Virtual Visa Card. 

*Please note that some rewards options might not be applicable to your country.

How do I redeem my points?

The minimum and maximum redeemable amount per transaction is US $10. 
To redeem your rewards login to your Amplify24 account.
Click on “Your profile”
Scroll to and click on “Rewards”
Select your preferred reward option and follow the steps.


Important to note that all rewards take approximately one working day to process.
Additional information about each reward option as shared by our panel management tool:


GCodes vouchers

What is a GCode voucher?

GCodes vouchers are virtual gift cards that can be redeemed for a range of products or services. Depending on the country you live you can redeem your voucher for anything from magazines to mobile top-ups and travel vouchers.

In order to register with GCodes, you need to redeem your balance using the payment option available of GCodes. After redeeming you will receive your code/claim URL through your email (remember to check your spam folder as well) that will direct you to the GCodes website, you will be prompted to redeem the code and will then be able to register the account. If you are using OpinionAPP you will also find the payment available by selecting the Rewards tab.

More information can be found in their FAQ:

PayPal Payments

What is PayPal?
PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial details.

All PayPal payments are paid out to the PayPal account with the same email address that is registered with the panel used for receiving surveys.

If you already have a PayPal account with a different email address, it is possible to connect the one you use to receive surveys as PayPal does allow up to 8 email addresses in total to be associated with one PayPal account.

If you do not wish to connect another email address to your PayPal account, you can change the email address you use to receive surveys to the one you are using for your PayPal account.

Please note: If you change your email address on your panel account you will not be able to make a payout for 7 days.

*Payment methods vary by country, please view this article below to see how to check which payment methods are available for your panel.

Virtual Visa Rewards
What is a Virtual Visa Card?
A Virtual Visa Reward Card is a prepaid Visa, complete with unique numbers, that is delivered instantly via email. It can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted, both online and by phone.

Virtual Visa's process in 1 business day. Once the process has been completed please check your email (check your spam folder as well) for your reward. You can begin to activate your Virtual Visa by either clicking on "Redeem now" or by using the provided link below it in the email. 

Email the Virtual Visa is coming from (please whitelist this email for future payments), the title of the email is as follows: Amplify24 sent you a Virtual Visa Reward Card. 

You will then be directed to "My Digital Wallet". If you already have a Digital Wallet account, you can log in by entering your username and password and proceed to your Digital Wallet to make your payment selection. If this is your first time here you will need to create a Digital Wallet account, this can be done by clicking "Create Wallet" at the bottom right of the login box, choose a username, password and confirm the password by re-entering it again, click continue.

The next page that will appear will be your profile page, please fill out this page (all fields are required), check the box at the bottom for electronic account notices, and select continue to complete your registration and proceed to your payment. The following page will show your payment as well as 2 payment options available, choose your preferred option by clicking "Select" on it. You will be asked to view and confirm your selection, once confirmed please review the terms and select agree. You have now activated your Virtual Visa, you will find the card information on the page and you will also receive an email confirmation.


You are all set to use your Virtual Visa! 

For additional information, you may use the following link:

How much can I expect to receive per completed survey?
The money earned for completing a survey depends on the survey and on the company for whom you are completing the survey. Usually, the longer the survey, the greater the pay. In general, the amount will vary between 0.13 and 3.23 USD for each survey that you complete.
Longer and more complicated surveys normally have higher rewards.

Can the Amplify24 team redeem points on my behalf?
No. We would like to help you to redeem your points and will assist you every step of the way. Unfortunately we cannot log into your Amplify24 profile on your behalf, to redeem your points.

How do I update my contact details?
To update your contact details please login to your Amplify24 profile and click on “Update profile”.
Here you can update:

  • Email

  • Password

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Street address

  • Zip code

  • Phone number 

  • Ideal survey frequency

You can also unsubscribe from Amplify24 by selecting “Close Account”.

When will I get my first survey?
You should start receiving paid surveys shortly after you have submitted your information through our registration form and the surveys will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided. 
You are eligible from the very moment you sign-up to receive surveys. Generally speaking however, it could take a few weeks. It really depends on your profile information and the current needs of our clients.

How do I contact the Amplify24 Team?
You can contact the team by visiting the Contact us page. On this page you will find our information and support email address.
The team is available during South African office hours (GMT +2).

Amplify24 and CINT partnership
Amplify24 is a part on the Cint OpinionHUB and all of our panels are constructed, managed and maintained in cooperation with Cint. 

Cookies must be turned on to login and use your Amplify24 account account. Turn on cookies, then try signing in again.
If you're still getting an error message, here are some possible solutions. Try each one, then try signing in.

1. Open a new browser window.

2.Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

How to clear cache and cookies
Cookies, which are files created by websites you’ve visited, and your browser’s cache, which helps pages load faster, make it easier for you to browse the web.

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies means that website settings (like usernames and passwords) will be deleted and some sites might appear to be a little slower because all of the images have to be loaded again.

On Google Chrome
On your computer, open Chrome.
On your browser toolbar, click More Tools Clear Browsing Data.
In the "Clear browsing data" box, click the checkboxes for Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.
Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Choose beginning of time to delete everything.
Click Clear browsing data.

On other browsers
Review and follow the instructions provided by your browser:
Windows Internet Explorer []
Mozilla Firefox []
Apple Safari []
Opera []

If web pages aren’t displaying correctly, you can try using your browser’s incognito or “private browsing” mode to see if the problem is caused by something other than cache or cookies.


 3. Change your browser's privacy settings.

Change your privacy settings
If you’re having problems getting into your account, try changing your privacy settings.
If you have your browser's privacy settings set to "High," add and to your browser's list of allowed sites.

Learn how to check or change your browser’s privacy settings:
Chrome []
Firefox []
Internet Explorer []

Check for security programs
If you use a firewall, proxy, or anti-virus program to increase your computer’s security, temporarily turn off the program and try signing into Amplify24.

If that fixes the problem, the security program might have stopped you from using Amplify24. Contact the program's support centre and ask how to use their program without blocking access to Amplify24.

Please check the following settings on your computer:


  • Ensure that cookies are enabled

  • Ensure that ISP settings are not blocking access to our website

  • Ensure that your browser does not block access to our website

  • Ensure that your anti-virus settings accept our website

  • Ensure that your firewall settings accept our website

  • Ensure that you add the panel web site as a Trusted Site on your internet browser

  • Passwords are case sensitive and check that your Caps Lock is switched off

Survey messages and errors

When I click on the survey link, it says that the survey is closed/ or that my quota is full, why?

Survey closed means that one of the following has occurred: The survey has been completed. Normally surveys are active for 2-7 days. The desired number of answers has been collected for this survey. Some surveys automatically close due to inactivity, typically after 10-15 minutes.

Quota full means that the survey is full of respondents within the targeted range. This can be either before the start of a survey, which is normally indicated as closed, or sometimes in the early stages of a survey where certain criteria within the survey becomes filled. This normally varies depending on the rate any given survey is responded to and the overall amount of responses needed by different people to fill a quota. Surveys where you receive “Quota Full” do not count as fully completed and incentives are not rewarded as the information is not used.

Why do I get moved from one survey to another?

Surveys are sent automatically when your profile matches the requirements of the survey. However, there will be times when the survey is full or you are screened out and instead of terminating you from the survey the system automatically looks for other surveys that match your profile. In this way you have the opportunity to participate in another survey.

I get an error on the survey

An error can occur on a survey for a couple of reasons. 1. If cookies are not enabled the survey will not recognize you as the respondent when you reach the end page of the survey and you will receive timed out. Please make sure that you have your cookies enabled. 2. When a survey is left open for an extended period of time the browser session expires and you will be timed out from the survey. In this case it is not possible to start the survey again or for a new link to be sent.

I can't open the survey/ the link does not work

In order to answer surveys, your computer must accept cookies.

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer 7 or 8:


  1. Click Start > Control Panel. (With Windows XP Classic View, click the Windows Start button > Settings > Control Panel).

  2. Double-click the Internet Options icon.

  3. Select the Privacy tab.

  4. Click Advanced.

  5. Select "Override automatic cookie handling" under the "Cookies" section in the Advanced Privacy Settings window.

  6. Select the "Accept" or "Prompt" option under "First-party Cookies."

  7. Select the "Accept" or "Prompt" option under "Third-party Cookies." (If you select the "Prompt" option, you'll be asked for approval every time a website attempts to send you a cookie.)

  8. In the Internet Options window, click OK to exit.

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer 6:


  1. Click Start > Control Panel. (With Windows XP Classic View, click the Windows Start button > Settings > Control Panel).

  2. Click Advanced.

  3. Select "Override Automatic Cookie Handling."

  4. Select the "Accept" or "Prompt" option under "First-party Cookies."

  5. Select the "Accept" or "Prompt" option under "Third-party Cookies." (If you select the "Prompt" option, you'll be asked for approval every time a website attempts to send you a cookie.)

  6. In the Internet Options window, click OK to exit.

Why do I not receive any surveys?
Surveys are sent automatically when your profile matches the requirements of the survey. We recommend that you fill in your profile with as much information as possible. That way it will be easier to match your profile to surveys that suit you.

Why do I get asked the same questions twice?
We endeavour to find the right survey for you. There may be times that you are asked the same question more than once – once in our pre-screening phase (where we are looking for a survey to match your profile), and once in the actual survey itself (where we are verifying that you meet the survey’s criteria). Although it might seem like an inconvenience or a mistake that you are asked the same question more than once – rest assured that it isn’t and please bear with us through this quality process.

This process does two things:

  1. It gives us a better chance of finding a survey for you.

  2. Provides better quality data to our clients who are looking for a certain type of person

What does “screen out” means?
A screen out occurs when you are outside the target group for a given survey. Rather than consuming your time on answers that cannot be used the survey finishes early (normally within the first few questions). This can happen from time to time even if you have originally been selected to take part as some surveys require specific information. Surveys where you receive “screen out” do not count as fully completed and incentives are not rewarded as the information is not used.

Why is there a negative on my account?
Negative incentives can occur when someone completed a survey in a manner deemed inappropriate (bad or untruthful). We will not share with you which questions proved to be problematic for our clients. Below are some ways clients define “bad” or “untruthful” responses.

Survey Speeding
Every survey executed has an estimated time to complete. If you complete a survey in a time frame that does not fall within the range that is acceptable you will not qualify for the survey, receive an incentive and may be terminated from the panel.

Inconsistent or Inaccurate Answers
If you provide answers that are not accurate and or inconsistent in any manner whatsoever you will not qualify for the survey, receive an incentive and may be terminated from the panel.

Red Herring questions
Clients, at times, will put questions in the survey multiple times or demand that you choose a specific answer to ensure you are being truthful and/or reading the entire survey question. If our client should find that your responses are unacceptable as per the red herring directive you will not qualify for the survey, receive an incentive and may be terminated from the panel.

Open End Questions
At times clients will have a section within a survey that requests respondents to fill in their answers by writing them in, rather than selecting an answer from a set of pre-identified responses. If a response in Open Ended question is considered to contain language that is inappropriate, non-sensible, or not fitting for the question you will not qualify for the survey, receive an incentive and may be terminated from the panel.

Should I send my password and/or username to Amplify24 when something is wrong?
NO!! You shall never give away your log in details. Not to Amplify24 or to anyone else. We don't need your password or username. We will use other information to find you in our system when you contact us.


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